This is the place where we as wedding creatives join together to inspire and to showcase the work we do!

Here Is How It Works

Yours in Weddings accept the following topics:

Wedding Inspirations - Trends & Colours, Dress Styles, Hair & make-up, Beauty & Décor Inspiration.  Wedding Advice. DIY Weddings. Real Weddings or any ideas that are related to the blog.

If you are interested as a guest to place a sponsored posts, please request our Media Kit.

We can’t wait to hear from you!.
Here are the important things when you write for us:
- Content must be of very high quality, well researched and helpful to our audience.
- Friendly, conversational tone, engage the readers to dialogue.
- If you write about planning tips, you should write your insight and expertise on the topic.
- Content must be unique.
- No content recycling here.
- Contributions must be promoted by their authors, at least socially.
- Contributors must have a track record of publishing high-quality health content online. Clean, valuable, and related to our website.
- At least 1200 words. I set up link(s) back to your listing on our website. Do not use your affiliate links in your guest post.
-  Include a short bio at the end of the post with your social media profile.
- Also, don't put your link pointing to drug, alcohol, pornography, or tobacco-related websites.

Our editor will review your submission and determine whether it's a potential fit. Please put the words' Guest Post' or 'Sponsored Post' if you are a vendor in your email subject line – if you fail to do this, your submission may not be read.

Wedding planner

Ultimate wedding planner for the modern bride that likes to keep their planning simple. Self printable planner. Instant Download.
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